EliteCAD ME V13 - Update R2

Even better and more efficient

The latest development of our software EliteCAD Industry & Mechanics contains additional and useful features and numerous innovations in the field of user guidance. A variety of functions has been revised and optimised. No matter if you work in 2D or 3D, the new version makes your work easier than ever before.

A detailed description of EliteCAD Updates R2 is available in the document Infos about the new version.

Switch to the new version and handle your projects immediately in well-known quality.
Or even better and more efficient?
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In the following we provide an overview of the highlights of EliteCAD ME Version 13 R1:

Multiwindows - Best overview

With the multiwindow-technology in EliteCAD V13 you efficiently exploit the available desktop dimensions on continuously growing monitors. Views can be opened and edited in parallel. Hereby two different variants are offered – resizable single windows or tabbed windows. In both situations a view can be separated from the program window to be displayed on a second monitor. When maximizing this independent graphics window, also a screen spanning enlargement is possible.

A new special variant is the display of a view in full screen mode. You can hide disturbing menus and maintenance windows especially for presentations and impress with the largest graphics possible. Optionally the property bar can be shown in order to allow modifications of the model anyway.

Optimal display for every work situation!


PDF Export - Documents from a single source

No matter whether you want to convince someone with high-quality presentation documents, whether you strive for a simple exchange of documents with all project participants or you have to archive your work easily and rapidly –all possibilities are open to you with the assistance of the PFD export.
Combine individually selected views by using the worldwide established PDF-standard in a single document or generate single PDF documents automatically. In both cases you may determine the desired order.

Regardless of whether 2D or 3D, floor plans, views, sections, details, renderings or your 3D model, your PDF documents may be presented anywhere, in a highly compatible manner and available on numerous devices and platforms. You would like to view your plans on the building site at your tablet or smartphone and monitor the building progress? From now on, you have the ideal solution in your hands.

Uncomplicated and at any time! We have the right solution for you!


Data exchange 2D / 3D – Perfectly connected

Your way to the 3D-gallery

The latest EliteCAD-SketchUp-connection offers you access to the worldwide largest and steadily growing collection of free 3D models. Whatever you might need – vehicles, people, assemblies, engines and much more – with considerable certainty you will in most cases find a free SketchUp 3D model of those in the world wide web. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of these countless opportunities?
EliteCAD will enable you this from now on! Within a few steps you can download completely textured SketchUp models, manage them in your library parts manager and position them as usual by drag’n’drop in your EliteCAD model.
Related textures are automatically grouped and displayed in a straightforward manner in the material manager.

PDF has evolved to a standard and enables one to transmit data also as vector information. Why should you still insert plans in bitmap format into your drawing? Open vector PDF data with EliteCAD V13 in a correct scale and select the desired pages. The import in a drawing as 2D lines and editable texts is managed within a few clicks.

Fast, simple and efficient!


Zoom plot - Your time is valuable

Everyone wants to achieve his goal as fast as possible and without undesired waiting times – you too and so do we! That’s why we are permanently striving to accelerate our product in all areas.

Often one faces the situation to quickly print a clipping of a plan and nevertheless the result should be of appropriate quality. The expensive way would be to define a view in the desired scale and then add appropriate supplements like format frame and labels. Usually this is only temporarily needed and the view has to be deleted manually afterwards.
The new zoom plot function provides the degrees of freedom of the views with an effective selection in a single step. A clipping is defined as a rectangle or by a polygon and previewed in the desired scale and format in the graphics window. Optionally a format frame is loaded and everything lying outside of the desired area is hidden to offer maximum overview. Highest flexibility is provided by usage of layout templates with predefined autotexts, which are updated before printing.

Perfect quality without additional effort!


New paths - Reality at your fingertips

Roaming around in a plant and presenting it impressively from arbitrary positons – without tedious camera settings. EliteCAD ME V13 presents these possibilities in such an easy manner like it is well known from computer games. With the walkthrough mode you navigate through a virtual world, using mouse and keyboard or even easier with a controller of a gaming console. Collision control, gravity, sensitiveness and other parameters can be adapted to your preferences.
Other input devices, like the SpaceNavigator from 3DConnexion offer navigation with 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (rotate/move in all directions) and a free configuration of all buttons, so that frequent used functions are quickly accessible.

The new sunlight animation shows correct lighting on the one hand and relevant information like shadows of plants and buildings to the surroundings on the other hand. The animation simulates for any given geographic position either the shadow along a whole day or the shadow changes all over a complete year.

The future will bring us closer to reality!


Many things get easier – You are even faster

User friendliness, usability and intuitive processes are an important issue for us! Thanks to your requests and suggestions we have simplified the handling of many existing functions. Moreover, time saving enhancements, improvements and optimizations were added in all areas of the user guidance.

Optimized user interface
Tool box instead of folding menus, notifications in the taskbar dockable windows with preview, menus with icons

Simplified load dialog with search function, extended tooltip with long description

Planar sections
Section views with individual depth of section

Cut line
With freely selectable pen/line type

Line thickness
Scalable with an arbitrary factor

Colour properties
Are now saved together with the drawing

Restoration of a selection after UNDO

Library manager
With support of 3D-formats like SketchUp and 3DS and intuitive positioning using drag´n´drop

Layer and Classification manager
Renewed and optimized with numerous improvements in many aspects

Internal references
Management of intelligent copies within a drawing

Standard parts
Extended display of DIN / EN / ISO name

You can concentrate on the most important parts. We optimize the rest!