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Messerli Informatik AG


For 3 decades, the employees of the software company Messerli Informatik have been developing specific industry solutions for the construction planning process. With centres of excellence in Austria, Germany and Switzerland for the appropriate markets we guarantee individual local support and a supply of the newest 3D CAD technology. A close-knit dealer network of proficient partners in Europe, Asia and Australia supports the expansion strategy of the Messerli company.

Leading product of construction software

For many years now, the high standard of product quality and the sophisticated and refined Messerli software technology have enabled Switzerland's leading product the ability to expand up until the present day. The Messerli company cultivates an exceptionally customer-friendly policy. Our products are brought to the market only after they have undergone extensive testing.

Customer-friendly advice and service

Hotline information is provided by professionals, who also utilise established telemaintenance tools. Competent employees enable the products to be introduced into your company swiftly and effectively, thereby rapidly ensuring a long-term increase in your planning quality and efficiency. Messerli software offers you seamless continuous development at fair prices. Through careful consideration of market needs and customer demands, along with the implementation of modern software standards in new versions, our software remains current and inspires future users.


Dipl. Ing. Dr. Wolfgang Stöger

CEO of Messerli Informatik GmbH

Dipl. Ing. Dr. Wolfgang Stöger, a graduate in the field of engineering, is responsible for the software development of Messerli Informatik GmbH since 1994. In over twenty years of collaboration with his team, he has played a key role in developing EliteCAD to include the latest technologies. It is due to his innovation and profound knowledge that EliteCAD is currently the most technically superior product available.


Roland Messerli

CEO of Messerli Informatik AG

Dipl. Ing. Roland Messerli, a graduate in the field of engineering, has successfully managed the company for many years and leads the company from success to success. His long-term continuity, vision and clear objectives have been instrumental in the success of the company. This has resulted in the company's great stability and the creation of excellent products, which accurately meet the market requirements and have ensured the company many years of success.




A large number of long-term staff including software engineers, mathematicians and architects develop excellent and innovative solutions with their customer use in mind.



Civil engineering

Messerli Informatik AG has been developing and distributing software for the construction planning process since 1978. Initially, the software was primarily developed for Switzerland, but it has increasingly grown in importance across the European market in recent years. Messerli has captured these markets with its products for tendering, drawing and construction, scheduling and cost planning. The many years of expertise and the company's precise market knowledge enable us to develop very specific software tailored to our customers' needs. Customers gain great benefits from these products, as the software provides solutions to streamline their work processes. The high precision and reliability of the products make Messerli software very popular and secure its position in the market.

Machine construction

EliteCAD ME is available in 2D and 3D CAD software for planning in machine construction, plant construction and the metal construction industry. Many metalworking companies benefit from the simple application and high performance of EliteCAD ME. EliteCAD ME differs fundamentally from EliteCAD AR. EliteCAD ME is based on ACIS technology, and both application and interfaces coincide with the machine construction market. Specific interfaces let EliteCAD ME be used as a supplier to large-scale systems such as CATIA.


Research and development

Increased commercial demands on our customers, their requests and suggestions, market trends, efficiency improvements and new technological possibilities are combined into an intelligent concept and implemented in software technology. To do this, numerous technologies must be researched and developed first, which is crucial if one wants to provide pioneering technology. For example, long before BIM technology (building information model) was even advertised, it had been developed and used by our customers. The latest developments of the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS) support this technology with the IFC interface and enable further processing of 3D models from different programs. As we don't always carry out research alone, we cooperate closely with the IAIS, BuildingSMART, various universities, Microsoft and other technology companies.

The current product from research and development is BIM2Cost. With BIM2Cost, building costs can be calculated based on a 3D CAD model (BIM) and set according to eBKP-H. Building costs can be graphically displayed and optimised on the model. Two levels have been developed with this project: the graphic quantity calculation from any BIM and then setting the costs according to the new eBKP-H standard. The program is actively used on the market and Prof. Manfred Breit also applies it in his teaching at the Institute of 4D Technologies (I4DS) at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.